Why Join NOI.PH?

Learn beyond the curriculum.

Let’s admit it: your curriculum never taught you how to construct city plans. Or find paths out a maze. Or count the ways you can cut a cake in a Pabebe way. Programming trends change overnight. You should keep updated.

NOI.PH’s experienced young trainers involve themselves with the international programming community. They teach students new approaches to relevant programming challenges. Maybe you can even write an algorithm to sneakily admit your true feelings to your crush!

Jumpstart your career in science.

A good university? A job developing games? A Ph.D. in computer science? Joining NOI.PH can help with that! Yes, it is possible to have fun, learn, make new friends, and do all these. Programming contests like NOI.PH open doors to many different opportunities.

Colleges like the National University of Singapore and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology offer special consideration to olympiad toppers. If programming’s your thing, you can get involved with startups or game development. Want to work on the latest research? You can do graduate studies here or abroad. What more can you ask for?

Make local and international friends.

After onsite contests, you’ll hear students talking about that packing problem they didn’t solve. Not only is this a chance to learn techniques books can’t teach you, it’s a great opportunity to get to know others! Onsite rounds start out tense, but by the end, everyone’s warmed up. Students even cheer and clap for each other during awarding.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to become a traveling salesman without the salesman part? Wonder no more! Students have joined contests in Singapore, Russia and Iran, and they would come home telling stories of all the people they’ve encountered. You can meet people all around the world passionate in the same things you are, even if they’re miles away.

Support science and technology in the Philippines.

NOI.PH has an advocacy. Yes, we want to solving problems and have fun. But we also want to help our country. By joining local science competitions such as NOI.PH, you are doing your part. The more people join, the more motivation schools have to teach more advanced science and technology courses. This gives us more computer clubs, more programming courses, and more scientists.

Your participation is visible support for STEM. Joining programming contests encourages critical thinking skills brought by science and technology. You can motivate organizations and legislators to take action on technological issues that we face today. You can help your country, and you get to help yourself as well.

Join to have fun.

Finally, join because problem solving is fun! We don’t do it for the piece of metal we get to hang on our necks. We do it because we love it. We do it for the feeling of struggling in a problem, trying again and again, and finally solving it. We do it for the excitement of solving a problem under time pressure. Now that’s a sense of accomplishment hard to find anywhere else.

What other contest has Taylor Swift references, dance parties, and Aldub in-jokes? And yes, kapamilya, we got you covered! At NOI.PH, we believe that not only can you be mentally challenged by programming problems, you can also have fun doing so.