Students who are interested in trying out competitive programming are encouraged to leave their email here so that they can be promptly informed of important announcements as soon at the registration for NOI.PH 2018 is open.

Discord Server

If you don’t have access to the training discord server yet, you should request access to the discord server by emailing [email protected] with your name, grade level, and school.

First Timers and Beginners

Want to be the very best but don’t know where to start? We suggest that you look at this introductory article.

If you’re looking for lecture notes, read the (soon-to-be polished) PDFs of week0, week1, week2, week3, week4 of last year’s weekly training. Be sure to test your skills by trying the assigned exercises attached in each PDF. You can also try some of the previous NOI problems.

Finally, if you have any questions about the materials or get stuck, we suggest that you gather enough courage and email [email protected] We’re always happy to help. But of course, we wont know you need help until you ask help so help us help you by asking for help via email.

Intermediate Level

Intermediate-level participants are recommended to read the rest of the weekly training PDFs — week5, week6, week7, week8, week9.

Past NOI Problems

Reading lecture notes can only take you so far. Get your hands dirty and start coding soltuions to previous NOI tasks! To see if your solutions pass, following these steps to enable yourself to submit.

Training Site

Stumped in one of the problems? Perhaps there are some topics that you’re missing. The scientific committee has been writing several training materials on various topics that might help you out! Not only will this help you prepare for the NOI, but the IOI as well. The website is in the process of being updated depending on the availability of the committee. If you would like to request for a topic to be written, feel free to give a gentle nudge by sending an email to [email protected].

External Sources

Are the references not enough? Do you want to go beyond and learn more? Check out this curated list of reference materials:

Learn to Code

Challenges and Contests

Free Online Courses

Participants may use the following free online courses and resources:

Recommended Books

Further books may be found at the IOI’s Recommended Reading List.

Contact us

Trainers and students alike are invited to contact NOI.PH by emailing us at [email protected] for any questions regarding the training material and on how to train for the contest.