These are the official rules governing the NOI.PH 2019. Changes to the rules since NOI.PH 2018 are highlighted in red.


  1. The contestant must be enrolled at a school not higher than secondary education, in the Philippines, for the majority of the period 1 September to 31 December 2018. Filipino students who are studying abroad may represent the Philippines. Exceptions may be requested by emailing [email protected]. (IOI S2.5.1)
  2. The contestant must be born on or after July 1, 1999. (IOI S2.5.2)
  3. The contestant must have registered officially through the registration form.
  4. The contestant must have:
    1. A valid email address
    2. A valid HackerRank username

Contest Structure

  1. This is an individual competition.
  2. Rounds. The competition will be split into two rounds:
    1. The Online Elimination Round
    2. The On-Site Finals Round
  3. Topics. In general, tasks follow the Official IOI Syllabus. However, a small number of tasks may require topics listed as “Excluded, but open to discussion,” or “Explicitly excluded” in the official IOI syllabus.
  4. Languages. The only programming languages that will be allowed are:
    1. C++
    2. Java
    3. Python 2
    4. Python 3
  5. Compilation Parameters. Unless otherwise stated, the compilation parameters, time limits and memory limits will follow HackerRank defaults specified on the environment page.
  6. Clarifications. Clarifications pertaining to a task must be publicly filed by the contestant via the respective HackerRank discussion forum.
  7. Subtasks. Unless otherwise stated, a task is divided into several subtasks.
    1. Each subtask consists of one or more test files.
    2. A subtask follows additional constraints and simplifying assumptions.
    3. Each subtask is worth a certain number of points.
  8. Scoring.
    1. Subtasks. Unless otherwise stated, answering all test cases and test files of a subtask merits a certain number of points, indicated in the problem statement of each task.
    2. Submission. The score of a contestant for a submission to a task is the sum of the scores obtained for each subtask of the task.
      1. The total score is usually 100.
      2. There are no penalties for incorrect submissions.
    3. Task. The score of a contestant for a task is the score of the highest submission to that task.
    4. Contest. The total score of a contestant for a contest is the sum of the scores over all the tasks.
  9. Ranking. For one contest, participants are ranked based on the following in decreasing order of importance.
    1. Score, the total score of a contestant.
    2. Time penalty, the time the contestant reached that score.

Online Elimination Round

  1. Elimination Round. The Elimination Round will:
    1. Be held online, on HackerRank.
    2. Consist of one contest lasting nine to ten days, with the expectation that the contestants will solve the tasks during their free time.
  2. References.  Contestants are allowed to use reference materials, physical or digital, that were published before the start of the contest.
  3. Invitation to the Final Round.
    1. Top 30. The top thirty contestants in the Elimination Round will be invited as official contestants to the Final Round provided that they:
      1. Satisfy all eligibility criteria.
      2. Have not been disqualified.
      3. Are among the top six contestants from their school.
    2. Additional contestants. Depending on the logistical limitations of the venue of the On-Site Final Round, the next-ranked participants may also be invited as official contestants. Participants who are not among the top six contestants from their school may be invited as observers. Observers are contestants who are:
      1. Free to participate in the Final Round.
      2. Not shown in the official standings for the Final Round.
      3. Not eligible for medals in the Final Round.
      4. Not eligible for invitation as official participants to the IOI Training Camp.
      5. Not eligible for invitation to the IOI.

On-Site Final Round

  1. Final Round. The Final Round will:
    1. Be held on-site, still on the HackerRank platform.
    2. Consist of two contests, each lasting for five hours.
  2. Official contestants. An official contestant to the Final Round must:
    1. Satisfy all the eligibility requirements.
    2. Have been invited to the Final Round.
    3. Have confirmed their attendance by responding to the invitation on or before the specified deadline.
    4. Have included a copy of their student ID in their response to the invitation.
  3. Student ID. Contestants must bring their student ID to the finals site. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  4. References.
    1. Contestants may not bring any reference material or digital device during the contest proper.
    2. Contestants are not allowed to access any other website aside from the HackerRank website.
  5. Ranking. For one contest, participants are ranked based on the following in decreasing order of importance:
    1. Total score, the total score of a contestant across all contests in the Final Round.
    2. Total time penalty, the sum of the time penalties of a contestant across all contests in the Final Round.
  6. Medals.
    1. Gold. A gold medal is awarded to the highest-ranked contestant.
    2. Silver. A silver medal is awarded to the second and third contestants.
    3. Bronze. A bronze medal is awarded to the fourth to sixth contestant.
  7. Invitation to the IOI Training Camp.
    1. Top 10. The top contestants in the Final Round will be invited as official participants of the IOI Training Camp.
    2. Additional contestants. The next-ranked participants may be invited as official participants to the IOI Training Camp as alternates.
    3. Failure to confirm. Failure to confirm within the amount of time given may result in the forfeiture of the invitation.

IOI Training Camp

  1. Pre-Selection Training Sessions. The first part consists of training sessions and will span several weeks. These sessions may be held online.
  2. In-House Training. The second part of the IOI Training Camp will be the In-House training. Participants are to stay in-house for the whole duration.
  3. In-House Round. An in-house round will be administered towards the end of the in-house training.
  4. Invitation to the IOI. The scientific committee will hold a meeting to decide which among the official participants of the Training Camp will be chosen to represent the country at the IOI. Criteria for the decision shall include (but are not limited to):
    1. Performance in the NOI.PH Final Round
    2. Submissions for the pre-selection training sessions
    3. Submissions for the in-house training
    4. The in-house round


  1. Undermining the legitimacy of the contest. Contestants may be disqualified from any of the contests and training camps if the organizing committee reasonably believes that they have attempted to undermine the legitimate operation of any of the contests, by engaging in activities including (but not limited to):
    1. Providing false information about themselves during registration or concerning their eligibility.
    2. Breaching or refusing to comply with the rules.
    3. Sharing or using from others any information about a task (including its content or solution) before the end of a round.
    4. Displaying behavior considered to be disruptive, unethical, or unsportsmanlike.
  2. Failing to reply. Contestants may be disqualified if they fail to respond to any request for information from the organizing committee related to NOI.PH and/or the IOI within seven days of our request.
  3. Reporting possible cases. Any harassment, cheating, or violation of these terms may be reported by email to [email protected].