The programming languages and exact compiler and interpreter versions installed in the judging machines and the exact compilation commands used for judging for the NOI.PH 2024 Elimination Round are described below. Note that these configurations are subject to change.

Compilers and Interpreters

  • GCC 9.4.0
  • Open JDK Java 11.0.17
  • Python 3.12.1
  • Pypy 7.3.15 (Python 3.9.18)

Compilation and Execution Commands


g++ -DEVAL -std=gnu++17 -O2 -pipe -static -s -o program program.cpp


java -Deval=true -Xmx512M -Xss64M program

Python 3

python3.12 -m compileall -b .
mv program.pyc __main__.pyc
zip -r program.pyz __main__.pyc
mv program.pyz program
python3.12 program

PyPy 3

pypy3 -m compileall -b .
mv program.pyc __main__.pyc
zip -r __main__.pyc
mv program
pypy3 program