My IOI 2016 Experience

Now that the IOI 2016 results are out, our national representatives have had a chance to reflect. We asked them about their experience and here’s what they have to say:

Maded Batara (Grade 11, Philippine Science High School) says…

Being at the IOI in Kazan was a great experience. Not only did it open up my eyes to how amazing the world of competitive programming is, but it also made me appreciate the culture and people of Russia are. It was an eye-opening experience, and I’d definitely train more to get into next year’s IOI and get a medal.

Ian Palabasan (Grade 10, Rizal National Science High School) says…

For me, IOI 2016 in Kazan, Russia was, compared to last year’s in Almaty, Kazakhstan, more well organised but had less activities. My favourite part of the trip was the Medieval fair thing where we tried our hands at different skills like pottery, smithy, and fencing, while the most stressful were the quarantine periods where we did nothing. Judging by the preformance this year compared to last year’s, it seems that the PH team needs more training, more available materials and resources, and more time to improve and mature.

Robin Yu (Grade 12, Xavier School) says…

The IOI has become one of the events I most look forward to every year. There’s nothing like representing your country in an event where the best of the best minds from each country meet, and for something I love doing, no less. Indeed the best part of the IOI is not the excursions or the delicious food, but the thrill of the competition, the feeling of being among the best and representing your country in such a grand and anticipated event. Of course, being able to see that I am far from the best, and seeing all the other skilled and talented minds is a great motivator to push myself to study harder and get better at programming.

For sure, I am not the best or most talented programmer in the Philippines; I was just very lucky to have been introduced to the NOI.PH early. I hope that, with the help of sponsors, we would be able to discover and cultivate more great raw talent who may not have the financial freedom to practice and compete, and better represent the Philippines in future such international competitions.

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