NOI.PH 2018 Registration Form

Before registering, please take a moment to read the following guidelines:

  1. Make sure you read and understand the official contest rules.
  2. The email address and HackerRank account you register with should be accessible by you and you alone. Requests for changing any of these information may be ignored.
  3. Check the email you register with regularly, at least once a week. All contest-related information from us will be sent to the email address you registered with. Make sure it is something you can check regularly as this will be our main line of communication with you. As per the rules, you may be disqualified if you fail to respond to any request for information from the organizing committee related to NOI.PH and/or the IOI within seven days of our request.
  4. You will be identified during the Online Round by and only by this account.
  5. If your school or coach is already registered but with erroneous or incomplete information, register the correct version and email us at [email protected] to to report the error. We will correct it as soon as possible
  6. If there are any concerns or trouble with regards to registration, email us at [email protected]. We will respond as soon as we can.

Enter your real e-mail address. You will need to confirm it later.
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