Abakoda 2022 Results

From October 14, 2022, to January 2, 2023, we held the 2nd Abakoda, which is a series of contests designed to introduce the basics of informatics Olympiad-style competitions to Filipino students. Between October 14 and November 11, there was a long tutorial contest for participants who needed to learn or brush up on their basic programming skills. On the Saturdays between November 12 and December 17, we held short contests on Codeforces. Then, from December 24 to January 2, we held a long contest in the same format as the NOI.PH Elimination Round.

If you missed these contests, the problems remain available for practice at https://codeforces.com/group/OizSyd5jaH/contests, and you can find the tutorials for these problems at https://noi.ph/abakoda-2022-tutorials/.

Here are the official results of the long contest:

RankCF NameScorePenaltyNameSchoolGradeABCDEFGHIJKLM
1DippleThree130002:01:51Cassidy Kyler TanAteneo de Manila Senior High SchoolGrade 12100100100100100100100100100100100100100
2PanzerFaust696130003:00:08Mohammad Nur CasibPhilippine Science High School - Central Mindanao CampusGrade 10100100100100100100100100100100100100100
3Gabp130009:01:25Gabriel Joseph PuaAlready graduated from high school100100100100100100100100100100100100100
4ProtonDecay314128007:01:47Hans Gabriel De VeraPhilippine Science High School - Main CampusGrade 1010010010010010010010010010010010080100
5jer033124603:10:00Jerome Austin TeJubilee Christian AcademyGrade 910010010010010010010010010010010046100
6Adrian_Soriaga115308:22:32Adrian Guanson SoriagaSaint Jude Catholic SchoolGrade 101001001001007010010010010010083100
7Imaginatorix94708:21:00Edward Isaac JumawanPhilippine Science High School - Central Mindanao CampusGrade 10100100761009020100100611001000
8Dexva92305:02:39Davis Nicholo MagpantayPhilippine Science High School - Main CampusGrade 11100100100100701001007010083
9ian_0x0090409:00:39Ian Joseph AlborotoPhilippine Science High School - SOCCSKSARGEN Region CampusGrade 10100100761004510010010010083
10ShiroTenshi77608:15:19Kei Hang Derek ChanBritish School ManilaGrade 111001007610001000100100100
11ngano_upat_na76603:19:45Jose Mari Paolo RollanCity of Bogo Senior High SchoolGrade 111001001001005010010086030
12penChewer74209:05:14Tristan Gabriel CabintaPhilippine Science High School - Cordillera Administrative Region CampusGrade 9100100761001001001003333
13Nicholas_Lua73209:05:19Nicholas LuaSaint Jude Catholic SchoolGrade 101001001001001001006666
14deucalion70009:05:30Mitch Richmond YoungUniversity of Santo Tomas Senior High SchoolGrade 111001001001001001001000
15TroySer68206:09:01Troy Dylan SerapioPhilippine Science High School Main CampusGrade 810010076100700100337033
16BentoOreo66809:00:43Jeremy YuBritish School ManilaGrade 1010010076670100100251000
17APerson201956707:02:01Kenneth Samuel TanPhilippine Science High School - Main CampusGrade 1110010067100100100
18lhofilena56405:00:14Loel Joseph HofileƱaPSHS-MRCGrade 11100100761003001003325
19chry60755404:02:24Reuter Jan CamachoAteneo de Manila Senior High SchoolGrade 11100100761001003345
20Exilaquote54909:03:11Andrew TanAteneo Senior High SchoolGrade 1110010001003333708330
21n0ihs47606:10:37Christian Angelo VelardeDe La Salle University Integrated School - Manila CampusGrade 1110010076100100
22TheB2D47606:22:55Christopher KhaingManila Science High SchoolGrade 1110010076100100
23brikomode_43302:02:36Jose Benedicto CarandangPhilippine Science High School - Main CampusNot yet in high school1001000100010033
24NotAlive40000:05:32Nicanor Froilan PascualDe La Salle University Integrated SchoolGrade 11100100100100
25rjm40004:08:30Rolen MuanaAteneo Senior High SchoolGrade 12100100100100
26SIGUSR240004:09:49Amanda Erika LimAlready graduated from high school100100100100
27travisMalveda37908:15:14Josh Travis MalvedaClaret School of Quezon CityGrade 91001003410045
28TERL36404:22:50Thomas LeungPSHS-CARCGrade 10100064100100
29LunaLovecode33307:09:27Luna BatungbakalVictory Christian International SchoolGrade 8100010010033
30CoderMap26608:19:21Paolo GalangPhilippine Science High School CALABARZON Region CampusGrade 10100100066
31jdcafajardo23408:04:59Joanna Daniella FajardoPhilippine Science High School - CALABARZON Region CampusGrade 12100034100
32Munimitso23301:04:04Jed RomeroPhilippine Science High School SOCCSKSARGEN Region CampusGrade 10331000100
33lunar_bloom20008:02:27Neomi MendozaPhilippine Science High School - Main CampusGrade 12100100
34kpalomata13303:22:37Krish Anne PalomataPhilippine Science High School- MIMAROPA Region CampusNot yet in high school331000
35gingerrr10009:02:31Yanni AdoptanteAteneo de Manila Senior High SchoolGrade 111000
36Ausp3x10009:05:41Walsh Nico Adrian LetranSaint Jude Catholic SchoolGrade 11100
37Caruzkai6700:00:19Kyzer CaruzPhilippine Science High School Central Visayas CampusGrade 8330034000
38erwyn_aenas6603:21:54Erwyn Aenas VibalPhilippine Science High School - Main CampusGrade 1166
39VinceIlagan3308:08:03Vince IlaganPSHS CBZRCGrade 1133
40FianaV000:00:00Rose Fiana Marie VelascoAteneo de Manila Senior High SchoolGrade 120
40blissssu000:00:00Zach Mikhaell RosPhilippine Science High School - Bicol Region CampusGrade 90
40Gryzyper000:00:00Julez Deyn RomeroPhilippine Science High School MRCGrade 110

Top scorers of the long contest who are Filipino high school students and not past NOI.PH medalists, Rookie-of-the-Year awardees, or Abakoda prize winners are eligible for prizes. Each prize winner receives a limited-edition NOI.PH Abakoda sticker. Congratulations to the following:

  1. Mohammad Nur Casib (PanzerFaust696), Grade 10 Philippine Science High School – Central Mindanao Campus
  2. Hans Gabriel De Vera (ProtonDecay314), Grade 10 Philippine Science High School – Main Campus
  3. Adrian Guanson Soriaga (Adrian_Soriaga), Grade 10 Saint Jude Catholic School
  4. Edward Isaac Jumawan (Imaginatorix), Grade 10 Philippine Science High School – Central Mindanao Campus
  5. Davis Nicholo Magpantay (Dexva), Grade 11 Philippine Science High School – Main Campus

This year, we implemented a referral system, where the top 10 referrers receive 50 pesos for each person they referred who got a positive score in any of the rounds. In addition, the referrer with the most such referrals receives a 5000 pesos bonus prize. Congratulations to Davis Nicholo Magpantay for being this year’s top referrer.