2023 IOI Team

We are happy to present the Philippine team to this year’s International Olympiad in Informatics hosted by Szeged, Hungary. They will represent the country in the world’s most prestigious computing competition for high school students.

John Lloyd Allas

Grade 12, City of San Jose Del Monte National Science High School

JL discovered competitive programming through a YouTube video during the pandemic. Since then, he has been participating in NOI.PH every year. Aside from solving competitive programming problems, he can also solve the Rubik’s Cube, even while blindfolded. He plans on studying computer science in college and pursuing a career as a software developer.

Cassidy Kyler Tan

Grade 12, Ateneo de Manila Senior High School

Cassidy was first exposed to programming in Grade 6, where he taught himself C++ after learning HTML in school. He first joined NOI.PH in Grade 9 after he heard about it in his Python class. He has since come to enjoy competitive programming and aims to use his experience to drive his future projects. In his life outside informatics, he goes on adventures with his friends during their D&D sessions.

Jerome Austin Te

Grade 9, Jubilee Christian Academy

Jerome first learned programming in AMSLI’S Informatics Enrichment Program (AIEP), starting with Scratch, transitioning to Python, and then self-learning C++. His curiosity drew him to join Abakoda and, soon after, the NOI.PH. His interest in problem-solving led him to competitive programming aside from olympiad math. In his spare time, he enjoys solving unique puzzles.

Filbert Ephraim Wu

Grade 11, Victory Christian International School

Ephraim first discovered computer programming from his brother in 2017, when his kuya showed him a program that “did some magic with arrays.” He is also an active competitor in math competitions, garnering a silver medal in the 2023 IMO held in Chiba, Japan. Ephraim likes speed in both programming and cubing, having once solved a 3×3 Rubik’s cube in under eight seconds. On top of all these, he also enjoys cityscape photography and has taken pictures of the Manila skyline daily for four years.