2021 IOI Team

We are happy to present the Philippine team to this year’s International Olympiad in Informatics, hosted by Singapore and held online. They will represent the country in the world’s most prestigious computing competition for high school students.

Raphael Dylan Dalida

Grade 10, Philippine Science High School Main Campus

Dylan has been interested in competitive programming since eighth grade. After getting a bronze medal in the Singapore NOI, his drive for competitive programming skyrocketed, and he has joined the NOI every year since. Programming enabled him to be more focused and to relieve stress during the pandemic. He enjoys math as well; in particular, he won a bronze medal in the 61st International Mathematical Olympiad. He also enjoys playing the piano.

Vincent Dela Cruz

Grade 12, Valenzuela City School of Mathematics and Science

Vincent’s journey in programming started in Grade 4; he enjoys writing simple games and mini-programs in Python and JavaScript. Ever since then, his goal is to become better at programming and develop real applications of his own. For three years in a row, he has been competing in the International Mathematical Olympiad. Aside from programming, he also enjoys playing puzzle video games, such as OneShot.

Steven Reyes

Grade 12, Saint Jude Catholic School

Steven first discovered programming around 6 years ago when he created circuits and logic gates in Minecraft. Creating these contraptions are like solving computational problems, both of which he enjoys indulging in. The joy he finds in problem-solving extends to the different math, science, and programming competitions he participates in, and even to teaching fellow schoolmates how to approach various kinds of puzzles.

Frederick Ivan Tan

Grade 11, Philippine Science High School Main Campus

Ivan was always someone who was interested in programming. His father taught him basic programming during grade 5 and Ivan fell in love with it. From the first script he created on his iPad mini to his studying of different algorithms and data structures, he knew that computer science would be his future. In his free time, Ivan also loves to play frisbee and video games with his friends.