2019 National Finals

The NOI.PH 2019 National Finals was held in Ateneo De Manila University’s Faura Hall last 6 – 7 April 2019. The 28 official finalists competed over two five-hour rounds, each of which consisted of five problems.

Invited to participate in the finals were the top 30 at the NOI.PH 2019 National Eliminations, a 222-hour online competition held last 18 – 27 January 2019, where 141 students from all over the country solved fourteen problems of varying difficulty.

Students who almost made it to the top 30 also made it as observers. Philippine Science High School Bicol Region Campus (PSHS BRC), coached by Mr. John Rainer Joaquin, had more than six students who scored high enough in the national eliminations. Thus, the top six students from the school attended as official participants.

This year’s observers were Adalbert Apuya, Lance Benedict Cabrera, Jose Enrique Ramirez and Ralph Richard Yanto. All are incoming Grade 10 students of PSHS BRC, and they have set themselves up for success in the next few years by gaining experience on what the national finals feels like.

In the NOI.PH, finalists tested their endurance by solving five challenging programming tasks during each day’s five-hour session. Contestants used their programming and analytical skills to create data structures and algorithms to solve each task using a program.


The first day of the contest started with the opening ceremonies. NOI.PH President Vernon Gutierrez began with a speech, and said “We’re here because we love solving problems. Let’s all have some fun this weekend!”

He also discussed the rules to the competition and some notes on using the compiler before the Practice Round of the competition. In the Practice Round, students spent 90 minutes familiarizing themselves with the computers through solving some problems.

After lunch, the first round of the finals began. A mirror of the problems began shortly after. During Round 1, the NOI.PH Organizing Team held a short meeting with the coaches to discuss the state of competitive programming in their respective high schools.

Round 2 began in the morning of the second day, with a mirror contest being held again. Lunch was served after the end of the round, and NOI.PH Head Judge Kevin Atienza discussed the solutions to the problems after lunch.

Finally, the awarding was held, and the top three students won the surprise prize of a free shirt, containing source code overlaid on an NOI logo.

NOI.PH Finals Round 1

Header for the problem Tower Bloxx

Round 1’s friendly rivalry began with Magkaribal sa Arnibal. Vincent Dela Cruz made the first submission within twelve minutes, getting 40 points. The first full solution was from Steven Chua two minutes later. By the end of the contest, twenty-five of the finalists solved the problem completely.

The Room was not a problem that teared contestants apart. In fact, of the twenty-one contestants who attempted the problem, ten solved the first subtask to get 30 points. Steven Reyes and Dion Ong solved the second substask as well to get 69 points, while Ron Surara and Dan Baterisna managed to solve the problem completely. Good thinking!

Sixteen competitors submitted code for Baby Come Bak, with five of them getting nonzero scores. Vash Ancheta and Clyde Borrega solved the second subtask to get 6 points, while Ron solved the third subtask to get 22 points. After several submissions scoring less points, Dan and Steven C. came back to Baby Come Bak to solve both the second and third subtasks to get 28 points.

Tower Bloxx was not only a popular game, but a popular problem for contestants to try with twenty-three submissions. It’s the first partial scoring task to appear in the NOI.PH Finals. Twenty submissions managed to get a nonzero score. Eight of these scored at least 20 points, with AC Mabute scoring the highest at 48.94 points. AC not only topped the towers, but he also topped the problem.

Two contestants submitted submitted code for Sumbong Centers, but unfortunately, no one managed to solve for the number of solb sets and get a nonzero score.

NOI.PH Finals Round 2

When it comes to programming, contestants are logging prepared! Illegal Logging saw quick full solves from Ryan Shao, Raphael Dalida, and Rae Samonte within the first seven minutes. Twenty-six of the finalists got a nonzero score, with twenty-three of them solving the problem fully.

Among the twenty-one participants who played the role of Mr. Kupido, sixteen got a nonzero score. Of these, eight got 6 points and four got 12 points. Frederick Tan and Ryan got 21 points, while Vincent and Steven C. were the best matchmakers, both getting 27 points.

Fifteen participants submitted code to BATIBots. Rae, Steven C., and Vincent Dela Cruz solved the first subtask to get 17 points, while Dion, Ryan, Ron, and Steven R. solved the first two subtasks to get 32 points. Dan demonstrated his Brainy Augmented Transcendental Intelligence by solving enough subtasks to get 62 points.

Sorting the Planets saw fifteen students submitting code. Only three participants got nonzero scores: Dion solved the first two subtasks to get 29 points, while Ron and Dan solved the first three subtasks to get 40 points. Hopefully these students will continue to follow Kevin’s example.

Finally, only four students attempted to draw their own Cartogram to a better place. Vincent did not take a fall on the road, and followed the cartogram that lead to a nonzero score of 19 points.

Photo Gallery

Special thanks to Joan Francisco for contributing pictures.

Scoreboard for the NOI.PH 2019 National Finals

RankNameScoreGradeSchoolCoachRegionUsernameMagkaribal sa ArnibalBaby Come BakTower BloxxThe RoomSumbong CentersIllegal LoggingBATIBotsMr. KupidoSorting the PlanetsCartogram
1Dan Alden Baterisna480.5411De La Salle University – TaftNCRDBaterisnaPH191002844.54100100626400
2Ron Mikhael Surara429.3211Philippine Science High School – Bicol Region CampusJohn Rainer JoaquinVRSuraraPH191002229.3210010032640
3Dion Stephan Ong360.4411Ateneo de Manila Senior High SchoolNCRDOngPH1910018.4469100321229
4Steven Reyes357.310Saint Jude Catholic SchoolNCRSReyesPH1910044.36910032120
5Steven Chua32211British School ManilaNCRSChuaPH191002820301001727
6Vincent Dela Cruz309.6610Valenzuela City School of Mathematics and ScienceNCRVDelaCruzPH19100046.66001001727019
7Ryan Mark Shao30312Xavier School San JuanNCRRShaoPH19100203010032210
8Gregory William Joseph Liu283.8412Philippine Science High School – Central Visayas CampusFelix CalvoVIIGLiuPH19100047.8430100060
9Al Christian Mabute278.9411Philippine Science High School – Bicol Region CampusJohn Rainer JoaquinVAMabutePH19100048.943010000
10Frederick Ivan Michael Tan269.69Philippine Science High School – Main CampusNCRFTanPH1910018.6301000210
11Rae Gabriel Samonte266.7411Philippine Science High School – Bicol Region CampusJohn Rainer JoaquinVRSamontePH19100019.74301001700
12John Eric Estrada261.099Philippine Science High School – Bicol Region CampusJohn Rainer JoaquinVJEstradaPH19100019.09301000120
13Marc Joshua Ayalde255.4111Philippine Science High School – SOCCSKSARGEN Region CampusSheena Dawn FerrarenXIIMAyaldePH1910019.413010006
14Raphael Dylan Dalida2368Philippine Science High School – Main CampusNCRRDalidaPH19100030100060
15Daniella Joan Francisco23010Philippine Science High School – SOCCSKSARGEN Region CampusSheena Dawn FerrarenXIIDFranciscoPH191000301000
16Kirby Chua225.2512Xavier School San JuanNCRKChuaPH19100019.25010006
17Clyde Lawrence Borrega221.669Philippine Science High School – Bicol Region CampusJohn Rainer JoaquinVCBorregaPH1910069.6600100060
18Philmon Sedrick Wee219.5711Xavier School San JuanNCRPWeePH1910019.5701000
19Sheen Santos Capadngan219.079Philippine Science High School – Central Visayas CampusFelix CalvoVIISCapadnganPH1910019.071000
20Allen Adrian Solis217.8511Philippine Science High School – SOCCSKSARGEN Region CampusSheena Dawn FerrarenXIIASolisPH19100017.8501000
21John Angelo Oringo2129Philippine Science High School – Bicol Region CampusJohn Rainer JoaquinVJOringoPH191000010012
22Clyde Courtney Jallorina201.4612Philippine Science High School – Main CampusNCRCJallorinaPH1910001.461000
23Mark Angelo Landingin20011Philippine Science High School – CAR CampusPablo Viloria, Jr.CARMLandinginPH1910001000
24Justin Tan17612Ateneo de Manila Senior High SchoolNCRJTanPH19100076
25Vaughn Matthew Valle1049Philippine Science High School – Central Visayas CampusFelix CalvoVIIVVallePH191004
26Michael Jay Zamoras4410Philippine Science High School – Eastern Visayas CampusCary Von AlanoVIIIMZamorasPH1940040
27Vash Patrick Ancheta25.0711Philippine Science High School – CAR CampusPablo Viloria, Jr.CARVAnchetaPH190613.07006
28Mark Nicholas Cagas010Manila Science High SchoolRomer AbellaNCRMCagasPH1900

Final Message

Congratulations to all the winners of the National Olympiad in Informatics – Philippines 2019 Finals!

The organizing committee would like to thank our host, the Ateneo de Manila University, for their generous support in providing the venue and infrastructure to hold the event. Special thanks to the ADMU DISCS technical staff for providing logistical support.

We would also like to thank our volunteers from ADMU ProgVar and UP ACM, as well as our testers and illustrators for helping out.

Lastly, we thank all the coaches, parents, and students for their participation and hard work and for making this event a success. We hope for your continued support as we move to the selection of our delegation to the International Olympiad in Informatics 2019, to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, this August.