2018 National Finals

The NOI.PH 2018 National Finals was held in Pointwest Innovations Corporation in Quezon City last 17 – 18 February 2018. It consisted of two rounds on-site, each of which consisted of five problems. It was attended by 28 official participants, 8 coaches, and 19 guests.

Students who almost made it to the top 30 also made it as observers. Philippine Science High School Bicol Region Campus (PSHS BRC), coached by Mr. John Rainer Joaquin, had more than six students who scored high enough in the national eliminations. Thus, the top six students from the school attended as official participants.

Among those invited, only Clyde Lawrence Borrega and John Eric Estrada (both from PSHS BRC) came as observers as they scored almost enough to get in the top 30. As they are currently Grade 8 students going on Grade 9, they have set themselves up for success in the next few years by gaining experience on what the national finals feels like.

NOI.PH Finals Round 1

For the first time, there are five problems in each round instead of the usual four.

Global Warming was the hottest problem as it received the most attention from the participants. In particular, twenty-three submitted code to this problem. Dan Baterisna, Kyle Dulay and Franz Cesista managed to make their program work for all four subtasks. Ron Surara notably passed the first three subtasks, netting him 51 points for the problem.

Fourteen official participants threw in their code for Boomerang Gadget, eagerly waiting what would come back. Dan managed to finish all but the last subtask, giving him 73 points. However, the award for being the only one to complete all subtasks goes to CJ Quines. Now that the scores are official, no one can take that award away from him now.

Thrust Trials was interesting in that you either got it, or you didn’t, just like the Mayon reference located in the problem. Out of the thirteen people who submitted, only four got nonzero scores. Dion Ong and Steven Reyes managed to submit code that correctly treated all the subtasks, as well as Dan and CJ. Sister Spaceships, one of the problems in day two, rightfully congratulates Steven Reyes for being the first to submit a working solution.

A similar situation happened looking at the scores of Voltes Group. Among the six participants who submitted, Kyle and Franz managed to get full points. Interestingly, CJ managed all but the second subtask.

Finally, among the thirteen attempts at Lean on Me, only Dan, Dion, Ron, and Red Ligot managed to get a nonzero score, and all four of them managed to finish the first subtask.

NOI.PH Finals Round 2

Problems in the second round was filled with amusing alliterations. Everyone submitted code for People Power but only Dan, Kyle, and Dion managed to make them work for all subtasks. Nine others managed until the fourth out of the six subtasks. In addition, our two observers both scored 10 points in this problem as well.

Of the twenty-one official participants who submitted code for Sister Spaceships, only Dan, CJ, and Kyle managed to get all subtasks. There were several ways to gain points for this problem. Some managed to get 23 by focusing on the third subtask, which asks to solve a special case of a problem. More notably, Alexander Go managed to score 54 points for doing the first two subtasks instead.

Among the thirteen participants who submitted code to Merging and Missiles, only four managed to obtain nonzero scores. CJ and Kyle both managed all subtasks while Ron and Dion managed to solve enough subtasks to respectively get 55 and 25 points.

One can see a similar pattern in Late-Night Littering. Only half of the eight finalists who submitted got nonzero scores and only half of that, namely Dan and CJ, managed to get all of the subtasks correctly. Ron managed to do all but the last subtask while Andrew Ting managed to do all but the last two.

Backbreaking Breakout proved to be the most backbreaking problem for all the participants as only four got a nonzero score. However, none of the finalists managed to help complete the break out. Dan was the highest scorer in this problem and managed to solve all but the last two subtasks. Ron and Zachary Lopez finished subtask 1 and got 15 points for it. Franz was the only one who finished subtask 4 and got 5 points.

Photo Gallery

Special thanks to Justin Castro for the photos!

Scoreboard for NOI.PH 2018 National Finals

ranknamescoretimegrade levelschoolcoachregionusernameVoltes GroupGlobal WarmingThrust TrialsLean on MeBoomerang GadgetMerging and MissilesSister SpaceshipsLate-Night LitteringBackbreaking BreakoutPeople Power
1Dan Alden Baterisna640567.1Grade 10Colegio San Agustin - Makati NCR: National Capital RegionDBaterisnaPH181001001073010010057100
2Carl Joshua Quines638527.63Grade 12Valenzuela City School of Mathematics and ScienceRuel DogmaNCR: National Capital RegionCQuinesPH1882100010010010010056
3Kyle Patrick Dulay500510.87Grade 12Philippine Science High School - Main CampusEdge AngelesNCR: National Capital RegionKDulayPH181001000100100100
4Franz Louis Cesista266516.18Grade 12Philippine Science High School - Eastern Visayas CampusCary Von AlanoRegion VIII: Eastern VisayasFCesistaPH181001000120230526
5Dion Stephan Ong258570.95Grade 10Ateneo de Manila Junior High School NCR: National Capital RegionDOngPH180100102523100
6Ron Mikhael Surara257548.35Grade 10Philippine Science High School - Bicol Region CampusJohn Rainer JoaquinRegion V: Bicol RegionRSuraraPH18051101255581556
7Andrew Ting154410.57Grade 12Xavier School San Juan NCR: National Capital RegionATingPH18230122340056
8Steven Reyes148423.23Grade 9Saint Jude Catholic School NCR: National Capital RegionSReyesPH181002325
9Alexander Go145584.92Grade 12Xavier School San Juan NCR: National Capital RegionAGoPH18231254056
10Zachary Lopez98567.32Grade 11International School of ManilaNCR: National Capital RegionZLopezPH182312231525
11Ian Vincent Palabasan91538.68Grade 12Rizal National Science High School Region IV-A: CALABARZONIPalabasanPH1823001200056
12Ryan Mark Shao79139.15Grade 11Xavier School San Juan NCR: National Capital RegionRShaoPH18000023056
13Rae Gabriel Samonte79320.88Grade 10Philippine Science High School - Bicol Region CampusJohn Rainer JoaquinRegion V: Bicol RegionRSamontePH1823056
14Steven Gabriel Chua64333.2Grade 10Xavier School San Juan NCR: National Capital RegionSChuaPH188056
15Ian Angelo Aragoza56358.63Grade 12Philippine Science High School - Central Luzon CampusJan Michael IbanezRegion III: Central LuzonIAragozaPH18232310
16Ian Red Ligot55349.4Grade 12CIIT College of Arts and Technology NCR: National Capital RegionILigotPH1823101200010
17Jed Arcilla41248.05Grade 10Philippine Science High School - Bicol Region CampusJohn Rainer JoaquinRegion V: Bicol RegionJArcillaPH18041
18Daniella Joan Francisco33483.4Grade 9Philippine Science High School - SOCCSKSARGEN Region CampusSheena Dawn FerrarenRegion XII: SOCCSKSARGENDFranciscoPH1823010
19Steven Gabriel Chua26116.35Grade 10Xavier School San Juan NCR: National Capital RegionKChuaPH180026
20Al Christian Mabute26118.9Grade 10Philippine Science High School - Bicol Region CampusJohn Rainer JoaquinRegion V: Bicol RegionAMabutePH180000026
21Lance Benedict Cabrera26131.32Grade 8Philippine Science High School - Bicol Region CampusJohn Rainer JoaquinRegion V: Bicol RegionLCabreraPH18000026
22Francis Benedict Martinez26240.22Grade 9Philippine Science High School - Eastern Visayas CampusCary Von AlanoRegion VIII: Eastern VisayasFMartinezPH18000026
23Johnbell De Leon1076.17Grade 9Philippine Science High School - Bicol Region CampusJohn Rainer JoaquinRegion V: Bicol RegionJDeLeonPH180010
24Frederick Ivan Tan10127.47Grade 8Philippine Science High School - Main Campus NCR: National Capital RegionFTanPH180010
25Kim Bryann Tuico10192.8Grade 11Manila Science High SchoolRomer AbellaNCR: National Capital RegionKTuicoPH180000010
26Gregory William Joseph Liu10219.98Grade 11Philippine Science High School - Central Visayas CampusFelix CalvoRegion VII: Central VisayasGLiuPH180010
27Rapharl Justin Portuguez10231.57Grade 11Philippine Science High School - Central Luzon CampusJan Michael IbanezRegion III: Central LuzonRPortuguezPH180010
28Philmon Wee00Grade 10Xavier School San Juan NCR: National Capital RegionPWeePH18000000

Final Message

Congratulations to all the winners of the National Olympiad in Informatics – Philippines 2018 Finals!

The organizing committee would like to thank our host, Pointwest Innovations Corporation, for their generous support in providing the venue and infrastructure to hold the event. Special thanks to Ms. Beng Coronel, Ms. Veck Basinang, Mr. Sherwin Pelayo, and the infrastructure and IT security teams of Pointwest for accommodating us and helping us throughout the event. We also express our gratitude to Uber for giving the option for our guests to travel with them at a discounted rate. We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Ryan and Dorene Uy for helping out.

We would also like to thank our volunteers from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE UPD-SB), ADMU ProgVar, UP ACM, and CompSAt, as well as our testers, and ushers for helping out.

Lastly, we thank all the coaches, parents, and students for their participation and hard work and for making this event a success. We hope for your continued support as we move to the selection of our delegation to the International Olympiad in Informatics in September.