Ways of Proceeding and Honor Code

Holding eliminations rounds online is the most feasible setup we can do this year for a national programming competition for high school students. This setup is convenient for you, the participants, as you can code at the comfort of your own school – or even at your own home!

To keep everything as fair as possible, we trust that all participants and coaches read through and follow the honor code below during the online elimination rounds:

The Four Codemandments

The first rule of reading NOI problems
is you do not talk about the NOI problems

(until after the round is concluded)

You are not allowed to discuss the problems with anyone else until after an hour after the contest. This includes talking to your co-participants in-person or online. Moreover, posting the problems on forums (such as but not limited to Quora, etc) during the contest is not allowed. Co-participants, coaches, parents, siblings, guardian angels, and friends may stay with you for moral and technical support (i.e. setting up the computer), but offering and receiving help in solving the problems is strictly prohibited.

Any code submitted to the contest
must have been written by you

All parts of the code you submitted must have been written by you, the participant. Snippets of codes you have written in the past may be used during the contest itself. Codes from other people including but not limited to friends, co-participants, and strangers from the Internet are not allowed. Suspicious code, as has been done in the past, will be investigated.

Questions regarding the problems are to be raised
at the discussion panel of the problem

Questions specific to the problems involved should be written in the discussion panel of the problem for everyone to see. This means that all correspondence between the NOI Scientific Committee regarding the problems are public and available to all. You could also check your notifications and the discussion pages of the problems should the need arise for clarifications. For technical support, you may consult ask[at]noi.ph preferably before the contest starts.

Consulting the internet is fine.

As this is an online competition, it is nearly impossible to ban participants from consulting the Internet for help with the problems. Moreover, it might even lose you time if you only start reading on the duration of the contest itself. So we suggest you prepare before the contest starts. Furthermore, we would like to reiterate that from the second codemandment, you are not allowed to copy-paste any code found on the internet. We advise not to use it too much though, as in the Finals Round, using the Internet for purposes other than HackerRank is prohibited.


NOI.PH is an official event of the Philippines sanctioned by the government of the Republic. The consequences of violating any of the aforementioned commandments are at least the following:

  1. Immediate disqualification from the whole competition.
  2. Cases of dishonesty will be reported to government agencies including, but not limited to, the DOST, ICTO, and DepEd.


Now that you’ve read the honor code, you should familiarize yourself with the official rules. Only officially participants who register before the deadline will be allowed to join the contest. Moreover, if you haven’t already, you can also consult the Frequently Asked Questions page. For other concerns, contact us by emailing [email protected]. If you have no more concerns, open your favorite text editor and start practicing!