Score in NOI.PH and Get a Chance to Win a Free Copy of TIS-100

Get a chance to win a free copy of TIS-100 by scoring as many points as you can in the NOI.PH 2017 Eliminations Round. We’re giving away 12 free copies, and the more points you score, the higher the chance of winning! Not yet registered? There’s still time: join here!


  1. Only fully registered contestants in the NOI.PH 2017 Eliminations Round (“the contest”) who are qualified to participate in the IOI 2017 are eligible for the raffle.
  2. Each point scored during the NOI.PH 2017 Eliminations Round corresponds to a single raffle “ticket”.
  3. At the end of the the contest, 12 digital copies of the Steam game TIS-100 will be distributed by raffle to participants, with probability directly proportional to their final points (i.e. “tickets”).
  4. Raffle winner selection is determined through a virtual raffle at the end of the contest. In particular, winners are selected by sampling (without replacement) 12 of the participants with probabilities corresponding to the fraction of their points to the total points of all participants.
  5. Winners will be announced after audit of scores and finalization of the leaderboard.
  6. Prizes will be given to the winners’ registered emails.