Robin Christopher Yu

Robin Christopher Yu is a two-time medalist at the IOI and a gold medalist at the recently-concluded 20th Singapore National Olympiad in Informatics. He is interested in game development and has published a number of platformers and rhythm games. He hopes to study in a good university and wishes to do his part in the improvement of the scientific culture of his country.

Kim Bryann Tuico

Kim Bryann Tuico is very fond of Mathematics and Science. He has been handling the Mathematics Club and Computer Society Club in his school as an officer for 2 years now. He also has placed in different Programming Contest like Java Cup in the University of the Philippines and Singapore NOI. During his free time, he can be seen playing computer games while listening to the music he likes. After finishing high school, he wants to go to any university in the country that focuses on the field of Computer Science for he plans to have a job related to this matter.