Four outstanding Filipino students selected from across the country are scheduled to compete in the International Olympiad in Informatics – the most prestigious international high school contest for programming and computer science. However, due to insufficient support for our country’s science olympiad teams aside from a few generous private donors, they have to pay from their own pockets in order to represent the Philippines. While NOI.PH continues to rally for future government support, we ask for your help in helping our country’s brightest show the world what we’re made of.

Who are you sponsoring?

Who we are

We, NOI.PH, are a non-profit non-government organization composed of volunteers aiming to bring the Philippines to the forefront in programming and computer science worldwide. Each year, we organize the National Olympiad in Informatics Philippines to select our most talented students across the country. We then train them in advanced computer science and math topics to prepare them for the IOI, and from these talents we choose the top 4 as our country’s delegates for the IOI. In our first two times competing in the IOI, we have garnered 2 bronze medals, and we hope to win more in our third try this year.

NOI.PH Organizing Team

What your money will be used for

Your money will be directly used to fund the operational expenses of NOI.PH in selecting, training, and fielding our country’s brightest talents in computer science. These expenses include contest logistics, venue selection and preparation, marketing, training venues and logistics, and sending our delegates abroad to train and compete. Our team of volunteers will be taking no part from your donations for compensation of their efforts.

How to donate?

We have set up a Gava Gives campaign and a Paypal donation link below, and on the sidebar of the website.